MINI-EGGROLLS Party (100) Pack

Handmade-Hand Rolled
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100 pcs. Box Net Wt. 7.0 Lbs. (3,175g) 
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: One of the MOST Popular PARTY, CELEBRATION and HOLIDAY Hors d' Oeuvres. Just heat and Serve! Traditionally served with Duck Sauce, Plum Sauce or  even Plain. Mix and Match with our Cocktail Knishes (Potato, Kasha, Spinach or Broccoli) or add other Hors d' Oeuvres to your platter.  Also a Great TV Sports' Finger Food!
FYI: We use only FRESH VEGETABLES in all our products. We NEVER use powdered or dehydrated substitutes like
others do! We even use FILTERED WATER to cook our ingredients. We NEVER compromise on quality!
MINI-EGGROLLS Party (100) Pack
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