Extra Crunchy "Shredded" BULK Pancakes

6x10 Value-Packs Net Wt. 7.50 lbs. (3,402g)   PLEASE SELECT FLAVOR BELOW
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Our CLASSIC, Extra Crunchy Pancakes - One bite and you're in love! The mouth-watering smell, the taste, the crunch... life is good! EXCELLENT as a side addition to dinner (with gravy on 'em), or for Lunch, Brunch, Snacks or Treats at any time. Just Heat and Eat! Serve plain or with Applesauce or Sour Cream or Both! (Mix 'em) Delicious!
FYI: We use only FRESH VEGETABLES in all our products. We NEVER use powdered or dehydrated substitutes like others do! We even use FILTERED WATER to cook our ingredients. We NEVER compromise on quality!
Shredded Potato Pancakes
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